Saturday, September 22, 2012

What happened to summer!!

Since today is the first day of Autumn I thought I better do some catching up and give a little recap of summer!

Summer started off with a couple of birthdays and birthday parties~

Avery's 9th Backyard Cookout!

Aubrey's Backyard Bash!
The same weekend of Avery's birthday party was Youth Conference.  That took away Jake and Aubrey for the weekend but it added 7-17 yr old boys to the house!  Nate was a chaperon so the 7 boys came with that duty.

Following that Avery and I spent an exciting and exhausting week at cub camp.  They shot bb guns, learned some archery and shot off some bottle rockets.  Avery absolutely LOVES being in cub scouts.
cousins at camp
At the end of June we headed to Utah for a Lytle reunion.  All five boys met at Dad Lytle's house in American Fork for a fun filled week.  The last time we were ALL together was 8 years ago!  During that week we had a baptism and ordination, a baby was born and we attempted a family pic.  It was so fun to watch the cousins getting to know each other.  Bonds were formed and memories were made.  We will not let another 9 years go by before doing it again!
hanging out in Deseret book

 backyard dangerous tramp jumping
a day spent downtown
Williams baptism and Emmett's ordination

family pic time
Bridal Veil hike
sweet baby Jude
future mamas
After Utah we came home to get Jake packed and ready to head for a camping/fishing trip in Mammoth.  At the same time I started gathering what the girls and I would need for our week at girls camp!  Both were very successful and fun.

Jake and ward boys at Mammoth
Stake Girls Camp
My beautiful tent...thanks to a friend
 The day we arrived home from girls camp we packed Jake up again.....this time it was to head back up to Utah for EFY.  This kid spent more time away from home this summer then home.


To end the summer we did one last quick weekend down at Embassy Suites, Mandalay bay in Ventura, CA.  We went with my family to celebrate both my parents birthdays!  What a great but super busy summer it was!  
Mandalay Bay bikes
our awesome room with a view
Grandpa's 69th!

I guess I should throw in there that we only missed one, yes one Tuesday beach day!  
Love ward beach day
My mom and Auntie Rita on a beautiful day!
Well, that brings us to present day!  We have started school and seminary.....

Avery is in 4th, Jane in 8th, Aubrey 10th and Jake is a SENIOR!!  Yikes, where has time gone. 

Jake has also started his first "real" job working at Sport Chalet right here in town.  Most of you know of his obsession with shoes and one day starting his own company.  This job is right up his ally. He is working the shoe department and loving every minute of it.  We are proud.

Phew....I think I am all caught up!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Nike Hoops....Jake's DREAM store
17 and its killing me.  Today everyone ditched school and we shopped and had lunch.  It was fun to spend the day together.  Time just goes way to fast! I need to be better about enjoying every moment.  Although, it is hard to enjoy a 17 year olds EVERY moment.
can't even fill his new shoes.....
Happy birthday Jake!  We really do love you.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

all the going ons

Busy weekend here at the Lytle home! We started off with the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby.  Avery loves scouts and looks forward to it each week.  Dad and him went to a friends house and created a great car.  Avery ended up getting first place in his den! He was very happy.
Thanks to Bro Maynard for helping with the winning car!

Friday night Jake had the chance to go to Prom.  Around these parts the school proms do not provide the best environment.  Due to that, 8 years ago our Stake decided to start having a "Mormon Prom".  What's  different about this Prom is that there is a strict dress code enforced and wholesome activities provided.  Each year they encourage the boys to ask a date in a fun way.  This year it was down at the Science Center at USC. It was fun to see the kids in the Stake all dressed up and to watch Jake stress about going on a "real" date.

the ward friends
fun to have a cousin to double with

Lastly, we got to go see Aubrey in her Spring dance concert at the high school.  Instead of taking a P.E class she signed up for dance.  It has been a really fun experience for her.  She has been working so hard and was very excited to participate in the Spring concert.  It was amazing and she did such a good job.  They had 4 shows, each about 2 1/2 hrs long.  After opening night she texted me that she had just finished her dance and that it was the "best night of her life".  I am so glad that she has found something she really loves!  Keep up the hard work Aubs!  She is going to sleep good tonight!

Monday, April 23, 2012

a little fog

This was the fog rolling into our neighborhood last night.  It had been a really hot day so we were surprised to see this rolling in from the coast!  The temp dropped 20 degrees!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

learning the painful way

What Avery taught us today.......
 Smelling a hot pan of lemon bars is not a good idea...
 you will end up with a nice burn on your chin!  He is hoping it will leave a scar, thinks that would be cool, big kids, Nate and I think it is funny:)

Monday, February 13, 2012

a little talent and a little getaway

This past week Wildwood had its annual talent show.  Avery once again was willing and excited!

Last Friday we took the kids out of school and tagged along with Nate on a business trip to San Diego.  We spent the afternoon down at Sea Port Village and then that night went to the Mormon Battalion Museum.  Loved it and is a definite must see next time you are in San Diego.   At the end of the tour the kids get to pan for gold....Avery loved it.

After that we went down to Old Town and ate at a fun restaurant.  As you can see we were entertained by Jake.  Notice no more braces!  
 On the way home Saturday we hit Laguna Beach, Ikea and then the J Paul Getty Museam.  
As you can see these two were less then thrilled about going to the Getty. 
 How amazing is that view!  It is such an impressive place to visit.

 Avery has Art Masters at school where they study a different artist each month.  He was very excited to see a real Monet & Van Gogh.

It is amazing all you can cram into two days and one night!  Thanks to dad for the little getaway!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Goodbye Strawberry, Hello Swift

We officially have another teen in our home...yikes 3 at a time.  You can say we have many emotional ups and downs in our home!  Our sweet baby Jane has now entered the teen years.  So sad.  Most of you remember Jane's obsession with Strawberry Shortcake.  Starting at about age 4 her life revolved around her and her sweet smelling gang.  Birthdays, Christmas gifts and Halloween costumes always revolved around that freckle faced doll.  Now that she is 13 Strawberry Shortcake  has been put away for safe keeping and a real life girl has taken her place.  Jane's side of the room is now filled with pictures, Cd's, perfumes, bags, necklaces and t-shirt's of Taylor Swift.  She had the chance to go to her concert this past summer and since then it has been all about her.  For her 13th (Taylor's favorite #) Jane decided to have a Taylor Swift themed party.  She and her friends....the 13 of them watched the concert on DVD, jumped on the trampoline and just had a good time.  
she still loved her at 11 years old:(

Jane really wanted a cake shaped like a guitar so while I was the soccer mom Nate stayed home all day working on this fabulous cake...... I told him he should quit his day job:)

I found these perfect cupcake toppers on Etsy..they were a hit!

Jane is lucky to have such a great group of friends....such thoughtful cards and gifts.  They all know Jane so well.
On her actual birthday we had a fun girls day shopping with Grandma Bluth
It will be interesting to see what comes next....